Dairy Barn

Pabu gazes patiently at The Dairy Barn cocktail on the counter.

More rotten hard-boiled eggs! I don’t know why that’s happened to us again, but it’s good news for Pabu!

One of the eggs and some milk went in the blender, which is one of Pabu’s favorite things now. He used to run outside because of the noise, but now he comes running toward the kitchen to see what I’m making him.

Happy Hour came early today, too, for this lucky guy. I don’t think it was even 9:00 am when I served this up.

He loved it, of course. I garnished with a pumpkin-shaped dog biscuit.


  • 1 hard-boiled egg, no longer fit for human consumption

  • A little milk

  • Pumpkin dog biscuit (garnish)


  • Blend the egg and milk in the blender until satisfied.
  • Garnish and beware of the odor of eggs…this is a treat that only a dog could love.
Thoroughly enjoyed on November 27, 2021

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