Two Mimosas are garnished with orange slices, and a Faux-mosa gets an umbrella.

These Mimosas were for Christmas morning brunch! Perfect scarlet flutes for the occasion.

That’s Max’s Faux-mosa in the background (SPOILER: I liked it even better than ours – it tasted like a creamsicle).

Orange juice isn’t always my favorite beverage, possibly from drinking it so often as a kid, but the fresh-squeezed clementines were amazing here. I really leaned into that flavor, and possibly used more juice and less champagne than would be traditional.

A fun cocktail for a fun day! Happy Holidays!


  • Juice from 5 clementines (for 2 cocktails)

  • Champagne to fill glass

  • Clementine slice for garnish


  • Squeeze juice into each glass; add champagne to fill.
  • Agitate gently – gently, I say, or you’ll end up with a mess like I did!
  • Garnish with clementine slice and toast the holiday!
Enjoyed on December 25

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