Killer Clown (October 31, 2021)

The Killer Clown mocktail features garnishes that look like bloody eyeballs.

This mocktail is back by popular demand! Last year’s Killer Clown may look a little different, but it’s essentially the same: cider steeped with Hot Tamales candy and garnished with bloody eyeballs.

The infusion process took a couple of days, but is very simple. I poured all the candy in a carafe and set it on the windowsill. I stirred every now and then. Once the red color had left the candies, I figured there was nothing left to infuse, so at that point, I drained the white candies and left the liquid, which now had absorbed the cinnamon flavor and spice.

The garnish is the fun part! I usually like to use fresh fruit if I can, but this time of year, canned lychees are in season. Use a small spoon to coax some red jam into the empty lychee (the pit is gone). Don’t be fussy because any spillage suits the occasion! Use enough to fill the pit area about halfway, then place a blueberry in after the jam. It will all squish around delightfully. I like to face the bottom of the blueberry outward because it carries the suggestion of a pupil, and the fat part of the blueberry will create some friction inside the lychee and hold itself in place.


  • Spiced apple cider

  • 1 container Hot Tamales candy

  • Lychees, pitted

  • Red fruit jam

  • Blueberries


  • Fill a carafe or other container with the cider and a full package of the candies. Let it sit and steep for as long as desired. To get the full flavor, I waited a couple of days, until the candies had no more color.
  • Strain out the candies when done infusing/steeping. They will look disgusting, but don’t think about that…
  • Assemble the eyeball garnishes by stuffing the lychees with red jam (about half-full), then gently pushing a blueberry in on top.
  • Garnish and enjoy!
Enjoyed on October 31, 2021

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