Manic Monday

Pabu the dog stares down the Manic Monday dog cocktail.

Indoor Dining!

Elizabeth and I went out to a restaurant for dinner. This is something we used to enjoy pre-pandemic, but we’ve cut out indoor dining for many months now. Although this wasn’t the very first time either of us had been inside a restaurant, it’s new enough that we still feel out of practice.

So out of practice, in fact, that I forgot how to order! As a vegetarian, there’s a small amount of extra attention that needs to be paid to menus. Sometimes that means asking an extra question about ingredients, or whether a dish can be made without meat. It’s not a big deal; it’s a matter of course. But it’s been so long that I forgot all that!

That’s how I ended up with large chunks of thick-cut bacon in my pasta. It wasn’t a problem, but it’s a habit I’ll have to relearn. In any case, with a small pile of bacon on a side plate, I asked for a box to bring it home to Pabu.

Pabu, meet Bacon.

It was a reaaaaal treat for him. Elizabeth said it was the first time that he’d had bacon in his life. He’s cautious as a rule when it comes to new food – which doesn’t seem very dog-like to me, but we all know that Pabu’s always been a gentleman. He approaches very slowly, sniffing lightly, then gently touches the proffered treat several times with his tongue. Then he’ll decide that it’s delicious and will devour it, usually running it over to his “treat rug” (that usually means the rug by the dining room table) so that no one will steal it from him.

I put the bacon in the blender and added hot water to make a little broth. In keeping with the meat theme, I garnished with a beef stick.

I don’t think he ever finished his cocktail this quickly.


  • Thick-cut bacon leftovers

  • Hot water

  • Favorite beef stick (garnish)


  • Add bacon and water to blender; watch your dog come running.
  • Garnish with favorite treat and watch them go nuts!
Loved on November 22, 2021

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