The Black Dog

The Black Dog cocktail is a simplified margarita with a cluster of blackberries in the bottom of the glass.

We picked lots of blackberries at Magnusson Park in August. I never got around to baking a pie with them, but one of our favorite ways to use them this time was in The Black Dog. It’s another Nameless Dog variation, to no one’s surprise. The mix of refreshing citrus juices, plus that amazing rim had us hooked. Great for summer!

This drink also has the distinction of being one of the few where the garnish lies entirely under the surface.


  • White tequila

  • Juices of several limes

  • Rim
  • Chipotle

  • Salt


  • Rim your glass with the dry mixture (don’t forget to do it first – I often do!)
  • Shake tequila and citrus in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Pour and enjoy!
Enjoyed on August 23

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