The Luna

The Luna is a tequila cocktail, named after our friend Luna, and served with a lime garnish.

If this one looks or sounds like The Nameless Dog, you’re right! We were really on a streak, doing variations on this delicious cocktail – and, unlike the original, this one is truly and specifically named after a dog!

We named this cocktail The Luna because we were hosting a lovely dog named Luna on this particular weekend.

Luna doubled the dog energy in the house in way that was stimulating and really fun. She and Pabu got along really well, and I think his occasional silliness brought out a fun, youthful streak in her that I suspect she didn’t always show in these later, more sedate, years. When she decided she’d had enough of him and his antics, she went off to do her own thing. She had quite a few youthful moments, like when she and Pabu stared at me, in unison, following me with their eyes when I walked into a room – I had the distinct impression that they were either waiting for me to entertain them, or hoping not to be caught at whatever they were cooking up. Or both. She also charmed me once by jumping up on the couch and folding herself into a corner of it, as if she were a small lap dog instead of a big, sweet girl who mostly stayed on the ground.

We sat for her two more times that summer. Once, she was really active, even getting up to some hijinx with Pabu, and the next time, she was more interested in resting.

About a week after that, she was found to be very sick, and she left us right around Labor Day.

To a good dog.

Luna, our dog friend, looks sleepy on the couch.
Our dog friend, Luna, looks sleepily into the camera with her bright blue eyes.


  • Tequila

  • Limes

  • Rim
  • Salt

  • Chipotle


  • Shake tequila and the juice of several limes (to taste) in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Combine rim ingredients and rim the glass before pouring the drink (it can be easy to forget!)
  • Raise a glass and toast Luna!
Enjoyed on June 19


  1. Leili Besharat11/10/2021 | Reply

    I love the Luna! The drink and the sentiment behind it! I came back here today to peruse through your beautiful cocktail inventions and got to revisit a wonderful dog and the wonderful cocktail named after her by a wonderful mixologist! Thank you, Maura! And your candy corn cocktail was delicious: it reminds me of the orange creamsicles we ate as kids but BETTER wink, wink.

    • admin11/20/2021 | Reply

      Leili, thank you so much for these kind words! We love Luna at this house and were just talking about her again last night, in fact!

      • admin11/20/2021 | Reply

        PS I'll be posting the Candy Corn soon! Glad you enjoyed it!!

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