Dirty Martini (September 16)

A dirty martini sits on a windowsill.

We haven’t been what I’d necessarily call “classic” with our martinis…I mean, what the hell, it’s a pandemic, right?! What is even normal; I barely remember sometimes how we used to do things. This is how we do it now.

Anyway, this martini certainly appears dirty!!! We’ve been using kalamata olives and brine because that’s what we have. It still tastes great, even if it doesn’t have that crisp, sparkly look that a more traditionally clear martini has.

To misappropriate someone else’s catchphrase: Pandemic gin, ain’t no sin.


  • Gin

  • Whatever olive brine you have!

  • Olives to garnish


  • Shake it all up; toast something; keep your sense of humor
Enjoyed on September 16

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