The Impostor

Pabu the dog eyes two Imposter drinks in malt glasses, garnished with ice cream, cookies and straws.

Remember the non-alcoholic version of the Candy Corn? I made a simple syrup out of boiling candy corn candy in water. It was a beautiful orange color, but I made a little too much. That was the theme of Halloween this year at Pandemic Pub; we made new cocktails with our novelty Halloween leftovers with the Lychee Martini (leftovers from the Killer Clown), Día de los Muertos (descended from the Candy Corn) from and here’s one more.

Since this was already non-alcoholic, I decided to keep it a mocktail, and serve to our favorite minors. I enjoyed glamming it up, and this is one fun-loving, soda fountain-style drink! A float, in fact.

Once again, you can see Pabu supervising the making of the cocktails. Who’s the impostor?


  • 3 oz. Non-alcoholic candy corn simple syrup (see the Candy Corn)

  • 5 oz. Seltzer, with several drops of French Vanilla stevia added

  • Scoop of Monster Cookie ice cream

  • Garnished with TJ’s Halloween Joe-Joe’s


  • Pour orange simple syrup into tall glasses.
  • Add sweetened seltzer.
  • Add ice cream and watch it fizz up!
  • Garnish with cookie, and add a straw and spoon – soda fountain-style. Cheers!
Enjoyed on November 8, 2021


  1. ELIZABETH Ann DENOMA11/22/2021 | Reply

    What a great drink this is! You know it's good when appreciation drops from usually stoic tweens and early teens, from whom the granting of a compliment (or even an acknowledgment of having been helped, given a gift, you name it) sometimes needs to be coaxed.

    • admin11/28/2021 | Reply


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